Made in Canada Surgical Masks

We manufacture and sell ASTM Level 3 Surgical Masks. 

We manufacture and test our masks in Canada.

Our store is live – we’d be proud to provide you with Canadian-made, top quality surgical masks. Use code “WEB10” for a 10% discount on anything you buy. 


Reach out to us for commercial sales or for more information. 

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We’re pretty vocal about what we are doing and have done – and where we can all, as a community, help improve Canada’s resiliency. 

Surgical Masks Made In Canada

Surgical Masks Made In Canada

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we googled "surgical masks made in Canada" - and got nothing. Then we looked for North American-made masks. No luck. There was no supply available. Just about all supply had moved way off shore. We started up a manufacturing...

Surgical Mask Carbon Footprint – Bottom Line: We Need Them

Surgical Mask Carbon Footprint – Bottom Line: We Need Them

We are making sure that our surgical mask carbon footprint is handled – this isn’t easy, but we’ve made tremendous progress.

We’re making and selling surgical masks that, though they can technically be recycled, are not. Further, they should not be recycled, due to the potential hazard that they present – (i.e. they are a potential biohazard once used). This means our masks are disposed of in landfills.