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Ages ago we were tough. We built a country based on being self-reliant and getting things done.

Globalization changed us. We lost the capacity and capability to do some critical things ourselves. COVID-19 has deeply exposed areas where we simply can’t take care of ourselves. That means when bad things happen we aren’t resilient enough to handle things.

We run out of toilet paper because “the system” is so efficient that it holds only 3 weeks of supply at a time. Well, that and people freaked out and hoarded.

Efficiency is amazing – until you realize it makes our supply system brittle. When things go sideways, they go very badly. We’ve heard horror stories of our front line medical teams and first responders re-using disposable masks for days on end – because they don’t have the PPE supplies that they need.

We’re going to start fixing that. In a Canadian way – starting small and simple – with a Made In Canada approach.

Currently we have our machines and supplies on the way. Our factory in Chesterville, Ontario is being prepared for the arrival of our team, machinery, and supplies. We’re ready to start producing high-quality masks in November.

InCyT Resilience is all about bringing back some of the resilience that we have lost as a country. We are here to incite change.