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ASTM Level 3 Surgical Masks

At the onset of COVID-19, health care facilities faced shortages of ASTM Level 3 Surgical masks. Initially, we googled “Surgical masks made in Canada” and got nothing.  Afterward, we looked for North American-made masks. No luck. There was no supply available. Just about all supply had moved way offshore.

As a result, we started a manufacturing facility in Chesterville, Ontario and are re-building some of the lost jobs and capabilities in the area. We established a relationship with a Toronto-based ASTM testing facility and proved our masks at ASTM Level 3.

The lesson we are learning and subsequently teaching is that surgical masks, made in Canada, are highly respected. Our customers, which include pharmacies, health care facilities and major industry, are proud to wear these high-quality, breathable masks. The fact that they are made in Canada makes our customers (and us!) proud. What’s more, is that our Carbon Offset program makes them feel even better.

The Chesterville Record featured us in our early days, and we have since been featured on CTV News Ottawa and a Small Business Spotlight again in the Chesterville record. We are proud to be manufacturing our ASTM Level 3 Surgical masks locally and are committed to providing the highest quality of masks for our customers.

Staff in front of machine for surgical masks made in canada

A few members of the team – from left to right – Tanya Cinnamon, Melody Cote, and Darrell O’Donnell