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Breathable Face Masks – Made in Canada

People often ask us how our blue 3-ply masks differ from the masks sold in grocery stores or large retailers. Some disposable non-medical masks may look like medical masks but don’t meet regulatory standards. Though they may appear similar at first glance, our breathable face masks are different.

It’s essential to InCyT that our surgical masks are of the highest quality and meet all Canadian safety standards. Consequently, we compare our products to those available on the market. I was disappointed that none of the masks found in stores met Health Canada standards nor made in Canada. The masks warned that they were “not for medical or surgical use.” Some even had warnings to discontinue use and seek medical attention in the event of skin irritation.

So then why wear a mask that offers no protection?

InCyT Resilience surgical masks exceed the Health Canada testing standard for ASTM Level 3 and are of the highest quality. Composed of breathable fabric that is soft against your skin, they provide superior filtration.

Moreover, we frequently check the quality of our masks to ensure the ear loops are secure and the design is comfortable to wear for long periods. Our customers have noticed the improved breathability, and they’ve been telling us that the back of their ears doesn’t hurt after wearing them for long periods!

More importantly, our masks are made here at home in Canada, which means robust and steady supply chains supporting Canadian jobs and benefits. We manufacture in the Ottawa area and offer quality employment positions to our local community members while providing a high-quality, high-demand product!

incyt Breathable Face Masks